Thursday, February 13, 2014

Looking back to July 18, 2013 - Devyn and Heather

There are too many words to describe this wedding.  Heather and Devyn's wedding at Crystal Mountain last July 18th was perfectly intimate and the picturesque definition of what it means to be close with the people who complete your life.  Take a look:

Crystal Mountain, WA

Crystal Mountain, WA

The ceremony setting in Crystal Mountain, WA

Heather, making her way down the aisle to Devyn before the first look.

Excited to see his bride!  The first look.

The first kiss!

Check out the excitement in this ceremony photo.  Hand-in-hand!

Suit and dress details

The details of her dress are stunning!

This is a spectacular display of the natural beauty at Crystal Mountain and the pure joy that Heather and Devyn have together.
Crystal Mountain wedding

The bride and her best!
Love the different colored bridesmaids dresses and feather accessories.

The groom and his best!

Heather and Devyn, taking a moment to relax as newlyweds at their Crystal Mountain wedding.

Guests at the reception.

Crystal Mountain at night