Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Welcome To The New clanegessel.com

I'd been planning a new website for the last 16 months.. it was February of 2012 when I decided to have a new website launched, I was aiming for fall 2012.  Didn't quite work out that way, and I couldn't be more grateful that it didn't.  It's so nice to finally get this out of my head.  Maybe it's just life, maybe it's me - I'm not sure if I'm the only one who experiences this but I have things that tangle my thoughts and don't leave until I've got the ideas down on paper.  When I've got a thought that needs to come out, my mind can't wander very far without bumping into it.  It forces me to devote myself to a project until it's out and finished.  It's how I approached my website, building it from the ground up...I've known for a long time that the best way forward is to not try to repair what you've got - you have more creative freedom and aren't strapped by past ideas when you simply build new rather than rebuild.

I wanted someone who understood websites like the back of their hand... someone who knew all the SEO, coding, tech-geek stuff and who I could talk to about the ideas that have been in my head without them saying "I can't do that". The goal was to find someone that really understood ME and my passion while also being a web designer.  It all came in when I shot the wedding in the fall of 2012 of a brilliant young gentleman that happened to also be a spectacular web designer.  After being one of my grooms, he really was able to see the side of me that I want all future clients to see: Who I am, why I love what I do, and what about my work makes me different.  After the wedding I told him I wanted to hire him, and as a fastidious artist I consumed way more of his time than I paid for, but he understood me and I knew that was invaluable.  After collaborating with him throughout winter, we had a final draft in March, but I wanted more -   I wanted something as unique as the experience I give to each of my couples, something as unique as the name my website carries.  We went back to the drawing board in April and May, built new features and added a video. The new website went up at the end of May, but we've been putting the finishing touches on it for the last few weeks.

Details include:
12 mouseover tiles with a truly unique aesthetic.
A homepage video by Aaron Horton Productions
Five 60-image wedding galleries (although the images will rotate over time, there will only be 300 wedding images on the site at once)
A landscape gallery with a "purchase" option to buy mounted prints right off the website.
A uniquely designed and completely customizable mobile site and ipad site

View it here: www.clanegessel.com

I really felt that our old website, if you remember it, was limiting where I wanted to go, as if my feet had gotten too big for the shoes I was wearing.  This website it's just the opposite, I can work as hard as I desire and still have room to grow.  Much love to those who have supported me and my team throughout this journey, I'm not sure how many places this job will take me, but I've never been more committed to my couples and the future of this.  So far, 2014 holds confirmed weddings in Bora Bora, Costa Rica, the Kauai St. Regis, St. Louis and of course right here at home in Seattle.

On a different note, I met up with Stephanie and Dan again in Florida (shots from 2012) and got her to go underwater in her dress (shot on bottom).  Thank you Steph, great seeing you guys!