Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kara and Don - Savannah, GA Wedding Photography

Many many thanks to these two for having me out to Savannah, GA!  I've never been but am already looking forward to my next trip out there.

From Kara and Don:  We met in Seattle, Washington in March, 2011. Oddly enough, 6 months earlier I was given his number by our friend Paul Sabovik, so that we could join efforts in our apartment searches and become roommates.  don decided to ignore my voicemail where I introduced myself and asked him to coffee, and when we finally did meet 6 months later, the first words out of my mouth after he introduced himself were "You never called me back." I saw him again later that month at The Amazing Egg Hunt, in Mukilteo, WA which he helped organize with Paul Sabovik Presents, and I spent the entire day trying to get hints as to where the hidden eggs were, and later that day we shared our first kiss while he was dressed up as the Easter bunny, mask and all. A few days later we had our first date at the Seattle Space Needle, where we shared a cup of coffee... from that point on we dated, and fell into an immediate rhythm and the rest is history. We moved to New York City together after only 4 months of dating, and Don proposed to me during the firework display in the Italy pavilion in Epcot, Walt Disney World. Walt Disney World in Florida was a significant place to us because many years before, I worked in the theme park, and became close friends with Paul Sabovik... Who later was the reason I decided to move to Seattle, where he eventually introduced me to Don. 

Alysse Sweeney from Savannah's own Morgan Gallo Events

Ray Mills from - Florist
Morgan Miles from - Rentals (tables, tent, strung lighting from her, she was amazing)
Chef Nick Mueller at - Amazing food
Carrie Briscoe made the cake,
Russell Kern did my hair, and Kristin Tegges did my makeup
Ricardo Ochoa was the violin soloist, later joined by his band Velvet Caravan...
Evelyn Ganem helped me with the bar,
Donna Butler was the trustee with .. The venue
Bride's dress was a UK designer, Jenny Packham at
Bride's head piece was an Aussie designer, Johanna Johnson at
Shoes were Calvin Klein
Bridesmaids dresses were Adrianna Papell
Henry Setkiewicz and my mother, Rosa, my father, provided all the lighting centerpieces, candelabras, and the bridal party dresses. chandelier.