Monday, January 7, 2013

2013: Rediscover and recommit the best of yourself

I never wanted this to turn into a ‘soap box’ kind of blog, but I feel the need to explain my month-long social media hiatus.  It's been a crazy month with a lot of changes, both in perspective and life.  In 2012 I had a great relationship with a great woman, the best job I could imagine, and everything in my life was going great, but I felt a cyclical movement in the nuances of everyday.. in many ways I felt like many of the ways I got inspiration for my work and the basic necessities for a relationship were not progressing, falling back into the same patterns I've had for years, and I needed to take responsibility for that in order to make a change.  Each choice you make solidifies your character... at some point it’s not about trying harder, but training more wisely, and I have been expecting different results without changing anything for years, both in my personal and professional life.  Through a very rough month filled with a lot of therapy, traveling, soul-searching, alone time and exploring my roots, getting back in touch with my family and the people that mean most to me.. going back to why I do what I do, spending conscious time ameliorating the wounds of my past by working hard and doing things differently, searching for the meaning of love through my spirituality and relationships, and many hours with an amazing therapist.. I'm learning to love again.. learning to cherish what we are given while preparing for what is to come.  Artists are often very misunderstood, and at times I felt just that – but my commitment to what I love has never wavered, and I’m expecting 2013 to be the biggest year yet.  My team has been working so hard the last month on our marketing, we've got some amazing things happening and I can’t believe I’m where I am in my career.  The reset last month will help me with all the opportunities flooding in.  This weekend I’ll be shooting a wedding at Seattle’s flight museum, next weekend I’ll be shooting a wedding in Washington DC and the inaugural ball with VP Joe Biden, and at the beginning of February I’m shooting the first ever wedding at the Chihuly Garden and Glass here in Seattle.  Add to that weddings in Savannah, Naples, Bora Bora, Philadelphia and Malibu, and 2013 is going to be the best year ever.  I can’t wait to share the best of me with all of you!