Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sean and Julie - Wedding at Bell Harbor - Seattle Wedding Photography

Julie and Sean’s Love Story

Sean fell in love with Julie at first sight first love when he first saw Julie working at his parents’ WoW Bubble tea Café.

Sean wanted to find out whether Julie was interested in any boys and decided to take her out to dinner to find out more about her. There, Sean asked if Julie was interested in any guy. Having no clue why Sean was asking, Julie told him that she wants to focus on her study and wait until she graduates from college. Sean respected Julie and decided to help Julie to focus on her school. But what Sean didn’t really know was that she also was “kind of” interested in him. After that dinner, Julie wondered why Sean never contacted her back. He somehow seemed more distanced than before and never replied to Julie’s e-mail when it was him from the first place who asked to contact him whenever she needs his help. Julie was confused and decided to take her mind off from him.

Julie and Sean both had busy lives. They were working hard to reach their goals and finally were a quarter before their graduation from college! They both ended up taking the same course. Julie was sitting in the back of the classroom on her first day and saw Sean, who was listening to the lecture in the front. Julie wondered whether she should say hi or not, but decided not to…… she was still annoyed at Sean for not replying to her e-mail, two years ago, at her most difficult time during school. On the Second day of the lecture, Sean saw a cute girl walking into the classroom who was carrying an art portfolio bag that was bigger than her. After the lecture, Sean realized that the girl was Julie! His heart started beating rapidly. When Julie came to Sean as a cute little girl when he first met her at WoW bubble tea café, she came to him as a grown woman this time. Since that day, Sean looked forward to the lecture to see Julie. While Sean brainstormed to get close to Julie again, Julie one day asked him if they can study for the midterm together. Sean danced with joy that night.

It was finally the day that Sean and Julie are meeting for the first time outside of the classroom. But no matter how long he waited, Julie didn't show up… Sean thought Julie stood him up… couple hours after their meeting time, Julie opened her eyes… she realized that she is late for the review with Sean!!! She rushed and called Sean and told him she just woke up… Sean was very understanding and told Julie to take as much as time she needs. The sky looked beautiful to Sean all of the sudden again. Julie finally showed up for the review. While taking a break, still annoyed at Sean for not replying to her e-mail, she asked Sean why. It turned out that the e-mail address that he gave her was the address that Sean created only for Julie. But after checking the empty inbox for months, Sean became hopeless and didn't log in since. Sean quickly logged in to that e-mail but Julie snatched his laptop and deleted the e-mail. Sean was dying to know what Julie wrote and has yet to find out what the e-mail was about. Julie’s revenge got Sean pretty good.

Sean and Julie started to grow closer to each other. Sean prayed and asked God if Julie is the one who he has been looking for since he could remember. The more he got to know her and the more he got to spend time with her, he heard God answering his prayer louder and louder each day. Julie was the one for him!

Many many thanks to Jenna Eckmann for helping me out with this one. She's an aspiring artist and was so helpful supporting me!