Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kalinah and Umar - Seattle Engagement Photography

You're a lucky girl when your man kisses you when you nag, hugs you tight when you push away, calls you back when you hang up, follows you when you walkout, watches chick flicks with you, hands you the remote, knows how to say 'I'm sorry', let's you cry on his shoulder, and tells you every day 'I love you'.  Men like this are sort of a limited edition... which is why Kalinah is so lucky to have Umar.
And the best is yet to come.. wedding 11.11.12 at Salish Lodge.  We've had the opportunity to collaborate quite a bit and we've got some amazing ideas for the wedding that should blow a few minds.

All the photos in this post are 100% real.. not only in the sense that there is zero Photoshop manipulation, but also that there was no artificial lighting.. No reflector, no off-camera flash, nothing.  It comes from my long-held belief that as a photographer, you should learn to take better photos, not learn to fix them in photoshop or use more gear.

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