Saturday, July 21, 2012

Amber and Brian - Trezzi Farm Wedding - Spokane, WA

From the Bride:
Was it karma, coincidence, or kismet? If there was one word to describe our relationship and wedding, it would be
 serendipity! Brian and I knew each other as acquaintances for a few years before we started dating, but we would have each gone our separate ways if not for a very propitious series of well-timed events that brought us together at the last possible moment.  In planning our wedding together the trend continued, and in the months, days and hours leading up to the wedding everything fell into place perfectly.  Friends I had met less than a year before the wedding stepped in to help in so many ways, from evening craft sessions to patient dance instruction to simply being a calm, solid rock in the rushing river that is wedding planning.  My parents spent days making twelve dozen delicious cupcakes, a family friend made our gluten-free lemon poppy seed wedding cake, and I spent the day before the wedding with two great friends filling what seemed like an endless supply of mason jars with the flowers I had purchased in town.  A friend I had met only months before even offered to be our musician, entertaining our friends and family before the ceremony with her acoustic guitar and dulcimer, playing “Storybook Love” for my procession with my father towards my soon-to-be husband, and singing “The Book of Love” for our first dance.  The series of auspicious events continued into the reception, where we had the tiniest bit of rain (for good luck!) followed by a beautiful rainbow!

The storage spaces and closets in our apartment in Seattle overflow with hiking and camping gear and the books we’ve read or plan to read.  Since I couldn’t envision a wedding with snowshoe and backpacking stove centerpieces, a book theme seemed pretty obvious.  We used the books we acquired from second-hand shops and garage sales as centerpieces and decorations, and we continued the literature theme throughout the day.  We began our photo session at a small bookstore in the eastern Washington town where I grew up, and recited our vows in front of an old bookshelf painted by my father.  To save money, many of the details of our wedding day- from the Kraft paper invitations to the burlap and book page boutonnieres and bridal bouquets- were DIY. 

One of my favorite DIY details from the day was our ring book, where our rings were kept during the ceremony.  We chose our favorite book from our collection, The Art and Craft of Poetry, and I glued some lace designs that I had purchased at Hobby Lobby on the front cover.  After Brian carefully cut a heart-shaped hole through the pages, I threaded some leftover yarn through a button glued to the back pages to secure our rings.  This project took just a few hours to complete, and now we have a great keepsake to help us remember the day!  We are both very grateful for the help, support, and love from our friends and family, and we can’t wait to find out what else serendipity will bring (and to start reading some of these books)!

Photographer: Clane Gessel
Venue and catering: Trezzi Farm Food & Wine
Wedding Dress: Marcella's Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses: Modcloth
Vintage Jewelery: Finders Keepers
Groom's Outfit: Express and Nordstrom

From me:
From the first time I met Amber and Brian, I knew their wedding would be an amazing day.  But nothing prepared me for how fantastic it turned out to be.  With almost everything done by the crafty couple and their families, each aspect was just stunning and very special to the love they share.  I had the opportunity to collaborate a lot with Amber and Brian before the wedding, which helped me see their vision and better capture their beautiful day!
I am so honored to have been part of Amber and Brian's big day, thank you both so much!