Friday, May 18, 2012

Los Angeles

I'm in Los Angeles and San Diego this weekend, I'm shooting a couple of families and an engagement shoot for a lovely couple getting married in Bora Bora next year.  I'll also be heading out to Joshua Tree National Park on Monday and Tuesday of next week, looking forward to capturing my 'white whale' of landscape photos.  I took a trip down to Joshua Tree National Park looking for a certain rock formation, I talked to park rangers and anyone in the park that would listen but no one knew what I was talking about.  I spent a full week in the park camping and sleeping in my car before I had to drive back to Bellingham (where I was living as a Western student at the time).  I never found it.  There have been other trips to Joshua Tree, all with the same result.  I realized a few years ago that a buddy of mine knew where it was, so he's taking me out there next week to see for myself.  Can't wait!