Monday, May 21, 2012

Landscape Mondays - Aruba's Eagle Beach

landscape aruba eagle beach
Nearly all of my landscapes are shot on a tripod, and this one is no exception.  However, this landscape comes with quite the story.  I was visiting Aruba in 2010 and realized the beaches were filthy, there were broken beer bottles and shards of glass all over the beach, no one was able to walk on the beach barefoot.  Having visited dozens of our National Parks in the USA, we take for granted sometimes how well we take care of our National landmarks.  This tree on Eagle Beach is a beautiful scene, but the shreds of glass would ruin the picture if they were all in focus.  This is one of the few landscapes where the aperture wasn't at F/22, this one was shot at F/5.6, with the focus on the tree so that the foreground and shards of glass would come out blurry enough to not disrupt the photo.  If you'd like to own this or any one of my landscapes, purchase them here.