Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Joshua Tree National Park Landscape - Sunkissed Rocks At Night

Jumbo Rocks Sunkissed Joshua Tree National Park
There's quite a story behind this photo.. I've been wanting to add it to my portfolio since 2006.  While attending Western in Bellingham, I drove down to Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California, and spent a full week looking for this photo.  I asked park rangers, locals and photographers alike, no one knew where it was... It's the same location Fatali made famous in his photo Sunkissed, but he's been very tight lipped about how to find it.  I was lucky enough to have a good friend (thanks Tracy and Jeremy!) who knew where it was, and were so kind as to show me.  Tracy and I went camping in Joshua Tree to get this photo, this was shot using a flashlight to paint light on the top of the rock.  With the blue sky and stars and light pollution from Southern California, this photo is exactly what I've been hoping to get since 2006.  Many many thanks to Jeremy Long and Tracy Schultze for helping me locate this one!