Thursday, April 26, 2012

Stephanie and Dan - Florida Trash The Dress Part One

These two have an amazing story to match their personality!  Part one today, part two coming next week.  10 years ago, their story begun. At work. The first time Dan laid eyes on Stephanie, he knew he wanted to marry her. He even introduced her to his parents as their "future daughter-in-law". He asked her out. She said... no. He asked her out again. She said no... again. And again. 2 years later, Dan's heroic rescue to Stephanie's flat tire set up their first date. 
A year later, they made a trip to Stephanie's favorite place- Walt Disney World. While Dan attempted to remove the sword from the stone... Stephanie issued a challenge. She said, "If you pull out the sword, I'll marry you." 
After 6 years of dating, Dan decided to ask her father for his daughter's hand in marriage. He then planned Stephanie's perfect "fairy tale" proposal. He brought her back to the same spot and with luck (and a little inside help) Dan was able to remove the sword from the stone. He asked... and she said yes! On 11-11-11, Dan and Stephanie began the first chapter of the rest of their lives together.  They were at my gallery opening in March of last year, and we've been talking about shooting ever since.  I'm SO glad I finally got to photograph them!!