Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Joy and Kris' comments - Kauai, HI wedding August 7th, 2011

From Joy: "I can't believe how amazingly you captured the personalities of all our friends and family in the portrait photos. They are stunning. My whole wall and messages on facebook are filled with compliments of the photos you took. You are so talented. When I look at the photos, I feel like I am right back in that unforgettable day. Thank you for sharing this talent with us on our wedding day, Clane Gessel."

From Kris: "Clane, your ability to capture so much Life in stills is truly remarkable!
Your pictures of us, family and friends are priceless gifts"

.. and they haven't even seen all their wedding photos yet..

Love you guys, can't wait to go to Canada this winter and ride the dog sleds with you.