Saturday, July 16, 2011

Danielle and Josh- Seattle Wedding Photographer

This wedding was completely 'green' Danielle and Josh used completely compostable and 'made from plants' cups, plates and utensils. The food was all local and organic from farmers markets.

Here are all the details direct from Danielle:
-ALL food items purchased from Danielle's work, the local organic Skagit Valley Food Co-op!
-all utensils from the co-op too, all plates, cups, etc. All are compostable, biodegradable, made from corn. Recycled napkins.
-bride's bouquet and bridesmaid's bouquets made from local, sustainably grown flowers purchased at the Bellingham farmers market Saturday morning. The bridesmaids and I put together our own bouquets the night before the wedding.
-local beer and wine
-food scrap bins, recycle and trash bins labeled at wedding.
-bride's makeup/hair done with her own natural/organic products.
-bride's and bridesmaid's hair and/or makeup done by, a local and on-site Seattle-based business.
-upcycled handmade paper roses (centerpieces) bought off, 20% of purchase donated to Japan efforts.
-wedding table handmade and local paper roses bought through Danielle's friend at Bellingham's "the Paperdoll".
-peacock feathers (centerpieces, decor, bouteneers, etc. ) from
-cakes made by Josh's mom.
-iPod music playlist through Danielle's iPhone.
-wedding venue itself quite rustic and green...very natural setting.
-ring holder of wood and ribbon off
-flower girl basket borrowed through Josh's stepmom.
-we filled her basket with leaves to throw that were gathered from the ground - not new ones - at the park at rehearsal the night before.
-matching wedding rings bought off and handmade and engraved. The rings are white gold with yellow gold leaves that encircle the bands...a constant reminder of our love for each other and love for nature.
-wedding giving tree reused and personalized by Danielle's friend.
-bride's necklace, earrings and bracelets bought off
-bride's feather reception headpiece bought through local bridal shop, Alicia's Bridal.
-veil purchased off
-tulle decor: some borrowed and some bought through Bellingham Jo-Ann Fabrics
-invitations from were made from recycled paper, soy ink and were embedded with oregano and thyme seeds...the invitations are plantable ;) I'll send u a pic if u don't still have the invite.
-wedding programs made on recycled paper and printed by Josh's mom.
-food cooked and prepared by family.
-serving dishes, hot plates etc. Borrowed from church in Auburn.
-our wedding night spot was at a rustic tree house.
-wedding registry at which ships directly to us so no added transportation costs or emissions.
-carpooling on wedding day etc.
-groomsmen rented most attire.
-wedding dress from local bridal shop in my mom's town in AZ, made from a natural silk dupioni.
-natural incense and lead-free candles used at ceremony and reception.
-2 local photographers :)