Thursday, January 6, 2011

Aeranee and Geoff - 12.30.2010 - Bellingham, WA

I spent an amazing, picture packed four hours with Aeranne and Geoff in Bellingham on an unusually sunny winter day. In the spirit of a true Northwesterner, Aeranne insisted she didn't need my coat in the 35 degree weather. They both are in the Reserves and deploy later this month, the very best of wishes and thanks to both of them.

Also, thank you to these fine folks for helping me out with this one:

I photographed Ilya’s wedding back on August 29th, and he’s got quite the eye for detail. I’ve been trying to get him set up so he can start shooting on his own… his work is REALLY GOOD.

And of course, a HUGE thank you to lovely Mrs. Gessel, who came to the wedding, even with the cold weather AND after I made her get up extra early and go in the snow at Mount Baker for a photo shoot that morning. Quite a difference from the 70 degree weather in Florida all winter.
heather tice gessel