Sunday, November 7, 2010

24-70 F/2.8L

I saw your lens lineup and noticed an absence of the 24-70. Why?

As a professional, I really don't like the 24-70mm. It's a mediocre lens in my opinion. It's just not enough of anything, plus it has noticeable barrel distortion at 24-35mm and light pincushion distortion at 55-70mm. It's also only F/2.8, and most photographers I know who own one use it at weddings. Poor poor choice for weddings, unless you're an amateur. My 50 F/1.2 is more than 2 full stops faster with zero distortion, even the 50 f/1.8 ($95) would be a better choice. I really don't like zoom lenses, especially for weddings. Prime lenses are my preferred method when photographing people. My advice? Shoot with a 50mm prime (on a full frame sensor). 3 different models to chose from, ranging from $95 to $1600. It's scary the first time you leave your zoom lens at home to shoot a wedding with all prime, but I've never missed a shot due to focal range. If you're shooting APS-C (Rebel, 40D, 7D, D300, etc) get a 35mm prime.