Thursday, May 13, 2010

Giving A Full-Resolution Disc to ALL Clients?

Yes. I think it's asinine if you don't. I was chatting with my buddy Jacob, here's the thread:
Jacob: question for you
me: sure
Jacob: with your weddings, do you give images to your clients on a dvd
me: yes
Jacob: (i.e. do you care if they print their own images)
me: don't care
11:11 AM
Jacob: is that a fairly standard thing?
me: no
Most photographers charge a LOT for a disc
like $1000 or more, up to $3000
11:12 AM
Jacob: i can see why.... it's free reign on neverending prints of your work
me: yes
but I don't think about it like that
It's making the customer happy. Which is what every business should be trying to do.
11:13 AM
Jacob: absolutely right

Photographers who try to nickel and dime their clients and get more money just to give them THEIR OWN wedding photos are absolutely illogical, incongruous, selfish and unprofessional. It's a cheap, cowardly way of making more money. You want to make more money y'all? Take better photos. People will pay for quality photography, but hate feeling ripped off. If you are a photographer and charge hundreds (or thousands) for a full or part resolution disc, you should be ashamed of yourself. Business, at its core, is about making customers happy. I get most of my weddings through referrals. I do very little paid advertising. I can do this because I TAKE CARE of my customers. This is because I realize what they want: excellent photography and an honest photographer.