Friday, May 14, 2010

Expanding and the Future of CGP

Today I took a long walk on the streets in the city I love. I was reflecting on life… and more specifically my life. Pondering the things that have gotten me to where I am, as well as the many, many possibilities for the future. My future is full of endless possibilities. I have found, in recent years, my dedication and love for hard work. I have also discovered the joy I find in capturing and showcasing two people’s love for each other. I have lived my entire adult life here in Seattle; met the greatest people, experienced amazing things, and learned many lessons. To me, Seattle is the greatest city in the world because of the people in it. I have been honored to showcase the grandeur of Seattle in many different ways- both through wedding and landscape photography. I have worked hard for the many accomplishments I have attained throughout the last 5 years, and learned many valuable lessons that I will carry forever. I will graduate in June from one of the most well-known universities in the world. My enrollment in the University of Washington has kept me busy during the fall and winter for the last few years. Since I started back before college, I have made intentional choices to leave numerous doors open for my future, all the while keeping in mind that everything and everyone I have and love is here. Seattle is a place I carefully chose to live because of the opportunities it held and because of what I wanted to do with my life.
At this point in my life, my entire world revolves around my business. I have poured my heart and soul for the last years into it, I consider it to be the cornerstone of my life. I love what I do, and I hope more than anything that my love for photography shines through each photo on my website. Hard work, personal determination and dedication have been the keys in my success. I consider my decisions with my business in most situations dominant to decisions within my personal life.
Recently, I have been considering expanding to other places; with continuing my education, expanding my photography business, and in personal endeavors and relationships. I have recently met some amazing people that live far away, and have seen some amazing opportunities open up- opportunities that I seem to have lived my life preparing for. I realize that some very major decisions are going to need to be made for the future. I am considering new opportunities for my business during the times of year when the market in Seattle is slow. From a business standpoint, I am looking at this as a major step forward toward my ultimate goal of being known as one of the world’s best wedding photographers.
For my couples, my dedication to you has never been stronger. Seattle is my home, and I will be here for each and every one of your weddings. Let me be clear: I am not leaving Seattle. I will always photograph weddings until I die, and I will always photograph weddings in Seattle. I will always take new clients here. I am looking at an opportunity to work in another state during the winter. Looking to work year-round doing weddings. When the Seattle wedding season is slow, it's busy elsewhere. One thing I have learned in life is that some opportunities shouldn’t be passed up. This opportunity I have found recently, if things continue go in the right direction, I don’t think could be passed up. I promise that as I learn more, I will keep you posted, so stay tuned.