Friday, January 22, 2010

Canon Professional Services.

Canon Professional Services
I just joined Canon Professional Services. If you're a a professional photographer who shoots Canon you should too. It's pretty sweet. They do ask for the serial numbers of your camera and lenses, and your website- to make sure that you are a professional. More info here:
Canon U.S.A. has revamped its Canon Professional Services (CPS) program. The changes we have made provide the full-time professional photographer, depending on membership level, valuable benefits and services. We have updated the application process and moved it solely on-line to make it easier for full-time professional photographers to become members. The new program offers three levels of membership - Silver, Gold and Platinum - to qualifying members, with each level receiving better and more extensive benefits. This new CPS program is designed to provide the appropriate level of service for each professional demographic and support members with faster service, trial loan equipment, and a range of other benefits as listed in the membership section.

We have also introduced equipment ownership requirements for each level to help keep this program strictly for the pros. Our intent is to strengthen our member population of true working professional photographers which are the people the program was created to support. Any past CPS members are required to re-apply for membership in the new program. As the new program grows into 2009 and beyond we have some exciting plans for even more ways to support you. We look forward to your feedback as it helps us better shape CPS into the program that can most benefit you, the full-time working professional photographer.

view the Canon Professional Services website.