Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2009 Landscape Recap - Death Valley, Olympic National Park, Seattle Aerial Photos and more

Pretty sweet waterfall somewhere in CaliforniaCalifornia waterfallFly Geyser in Nevada's Black Rock DesertFly Geyser in The Nevada black rock desertFerry with the full moon and snow-capped olympic mountainsFerry heading towards the olympic mountains with a full moonSol duc falls in the Olympic National ParkSol duc falls in the Olympic national park washingtonSunrise at Badwater badlands (more like bad-ass lands) in Death Valley National Parkbadwater basin in death valley national park californiaA beautiful Washington coast sunset at the Olympic National ParkWashington State olympic national parkI was finally able to bag this sweet photo of second beach on my fifth trip out to the Olympic National Park. Available (if you'd like a shot for your house) up to 100 inches wide at 300 DPI. All you other photogs put that in your pipe and smoke it.second beach near la push, washington in the olympic national parkSeattle from Kerry Park. Night shot with the full moonseattle full moon skyline from Kerry ParkSeattle aerial shot from a helicopter with the Space Needle and skyline in the background.Seattle skyline aerial photo from a helicopter with the space needle and cityscape Oh yeah, a good year for landscape photography. With the hottest Seattle day ever recorded and the best summer I can remember in the Northwest, this one was a year to remember. Booyah! Hopefully 20-10 will be a better year, but I don't know how it could be!