Friday, October 16, 2009

On Kauai Today...

I love this island. Last time I was here was in March, and during my stay I met some fine folk. Among them was one of my taxi drivers, who told me was a native-born Kauaiian and hadn't been of the island for 12 years. He then looked at my jacket and asked me what "The North Face" was.
Anyway, this time I'm shooting a wedding for John, who changed his wedding date for the sole reason that I could shoot it. It was originally planned for October 17th (this Saturday), but I was already booked to be in New York, I'm shooting a wedding out there. So, I leave Kauai today, land in Seattle at 7:30am, head to the UW for a 9:30 class, go home, unpack/repack, and go back to the airport to catch a plane to New York at 12:30pm and land at JFK at 9:30. 12,000 miles, four states and two weddings in three days, man I love my job.