Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Canon Spanks Nikon Again

Canon 7D mid-range DSLR vs. Nikon D300So my buddy Jacob caught me off guard today- asking me about the new 7D. I asked him, "what's that?" Since then, a couple others have asked me about it. So, I read about it, scoped it out, and jotted down my thoughts and analysis.
The 7D is a brand-spanking new mid-range camera from Canon. It's between the 5D and the 50D. You can always tell the "ranking" of a camera buy it's number. With Canon, the lower the number, the more professional the camera. So for Canon, it goes:
1Ds line
5D line
(new) 7D line
40D, 50D, etc. line
Rebel line (400D, 450D, etc.)
So, someone asked me if I'll be buying a 7D, and the answer is "no". It's quite an amazing body, but it doesn't have a full-frame sensor. However I did think about it for a while. Some specs on this new 7D:
18 megapixel (APS-C) sensor
8 frames per second (WOW)
Dual Digic 4 processors
Full (1080P) HD video
Dual-layer metering
HDMI port
12800 ISO sensitivity
etc etc etc
This thing is a FORCE. And at $1700, it's the PERFECT body for rebel and 40D/50D users who want a lot more but don't want to upgrade their whole EF-S lens collection for full-frame sensor bodies. It's essentially a 50D chassis with bigger balls under the hood.
Anyone who has Nikon and has been contemplating switching, here's your sign! This shows that Canon can appeal to consumers on ALL levels, and this body outperforms (by FAR) any APS-C sensor camera from any other manufacturer. This makes the Nikon D300 look like a joke. It's faster, higher quality, more powerful (dual processors), higher ISO range, does HD video for the same price. If you're a Nikon shooter, HERE'S YOUR SIGN! JUMP SHIP! Read more about this beast HERE.