Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thank You

Because I don't say it enough.
To my parents, who have always been there when I needed them. What you're going through right now helps me realize how far we've come.
To my sisters. Madi, you're a 12 year old who is more self-aware then most adults I know. This world isn't big enough to hold you and your dreams. You can do anything that you want.
Ali, I know you're going through a renaissance right now. When the taste of salt hits the corner of your mouth just know there are better days are ahead.
And Lauren, who is expecting in November. You held onto me when my world fell apart. You helped me heal the scars. Like the wind at my back and a breath of fresh air, you are the reason I am here today. I would take a bullet for you.
To my grandma, who has always known I could do whatever I put my mind to.
To a plethora of notable ex-girlfriends who were supportive of me when all I had was just a vision (and some unnotable ones who didn't).
To Chelsea, Cat, David, Krista, Jason and my family for coming to the opening yesterday.
To Ed, Allison, Lis, Gess, Brian, Brandon, Jacob, Daniel, Trish, Skylar, Kameron, Teresa, Rusty, Luke, and all of my other friends who never cease to surprise me with your kindness and support of my ambitions.
To all of my past, present and future brides for continuing to keep in touch, you are all the reason that I love what I do.

And to you, the blog reader. Whether you're in Seattle or Seoul, thank you for checking just this once or once a day. I write this blog because I know you're reading. I try to constantly take better photos and raise the bar because I know you are watching. Check back soon, big things are happening and it's an honor sharing my dreams with you.