Friday, July 31, 2009

Space Needle Greenscreen (Part 1)

The space needle and downtown seattle cityscape from Kerry Park with mount rainier and full moonWhen you go up in the Space Needle, you can get your photo taken in front of a photo of Seattle. It's just a backdrop photo on canvas right now, but they want to change it to a greenscreen with different photos so visitors can choose different places around Seattle to get their photo taken in front of. Therefore, they want some rockin photos for this greenscreen.
Naturally, who do you think they called?
This is the first of at least four photos I have come up with for them, representing the best of Seattle. This is the night shot from Kerry Park. Complete with Mount Rainier, the full moon, and a larger-than-actual-size Space Needle. Morphed from 5 different photos, this bad boy is 10,000 pixels wide (54 megapixel equivelant) so the photos can be printed as big as they want. More new photos coming soon.