Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Computer

Excuse me for being absent from blogging for a few days, I just got a new desktop and I just finished setting it up. It's not a Mac, I've always used PCs. It's not that I don't know Macs, I actually learned Photoshop and the CS2 suite on a mac years ago. I had a PC laptop to sync my things easily when I worked at the Seattle Times, and I bought a desktop to go with the laptop. Plus, this new PC will spank any Mac out there. There isn't a Mac in the world with these specs:
Intel core i7-960 (3.2 GHz quad core) processor
8MB L3 cache
1TB SATA II hard drive
24" wide screen LCD
etc. etc.
It's oozing with speed, hopefully I'll be able to blast through photos quite a bit faster. My old machine is from 2007, which is ancient in PC years- and is was core 2 (2.0 GHz) processor with 4GB RAM and a TV tuner. At least I can keep it to watch TV on :)