Friday, May 1, 2009

Wanna Know My Secret??

Listen closely,

You ready?  All you wedding photographers who want to shoot like me; take notes.  I’m serious.  Get out a pencil and paper and this down.  I’m going to tell the secret recipe to shoot like me.

Take three cups of style, one package of creativity and a large sprinkle of attitude.  Grind in some RAW talent, some passion, a box of abstract and a dash of Photoshop (to taste).  Toss in some hard earned integrity and high profile clients for good measure.  Spark up the burner with a Landscape background, it assures you’ll have a more sophisitated color pallate then anyone else.

Next, take out a can of drive and ambition, pull out some salty thoughts of people telling you you’ll never succeed.  Smash them up and cram them into cold-hearted water; it accelerates the time in which it takes to boil.  Smells good, huh?  At this point let it steam, let it brew.  You getting all this?

Now, it’s important to use only the best equipment when combining this recipe, it’s the difference between a full-frame stove and an easy bake oven.

Let it bake at 21 megapixels.  After a few years the best will rise and the others will burn.  Pull it out of the oven and spread the colors on top.

Now, let it cool and make sure you serve it at a site that’s clean and professional.

You’re now enjoying some CG style gourmet photography with a side of award-winning.