Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Promise To My Clients

I promise to provide the best photography possible.
I have prepared for years to capture your special moments.
You will not find a harder working, more dedicated photographer anywhere.

I promise excellent customer service.
With dozens outstanding reviews on various websites and thousands of satisfied customers,
I pride myself on going above and beyond for every client, every time.

I promise to take the best care of your photos both in handling and in editing.
I understand that your photos are the main way in which you will remember,
and I ALWAYS treat every client's photos like they are my own, because they are.

I promise that you will be able to see your photos online within 10 days for any event I shoot.

I promise to always be honest with you, no matter what.
My integrity is as important to me as my cameras.

I make these promises because this is what I put my heart and soul into.
Taking great photos has become more than just my passion, it is my life.
My images are award-winning simply because I love what I do.

With a client list that includes The Space Needle, Seattle Bride Magazine, The Seattle Times,
Tully's Coffee and over 100 amazing brides, my reputation precedes me
and I am proud to put my name on something bigger than myself.

This is for all my clients.

Past clients for your dedication, referrals and wonderful reviews.
Present for hiring me based on what I have done.
Future for trusting in what I will do.

Thank you for doing this with me.

Celebrate your life.

Clane Gessel Photography