Friday, April 24, 2009

Ask Clane...

I just wanted to thank you each again for working with me last night. I learned a lot of valuable information. I have one question for you if you don't mind.......I am still within my 30-days to return my camera (Canon Rebel) and purchase a different one. If I am serious about learning photography and want to stay with this long term, would I benefit to upgrading to the Canon 50D?  Clane was discussing the necessity of the full frame, but it looks like none of the less expensive Canon models under the 5D have this feature and I cannot buy the 5D Mark II because it is just too expensive to invest in that right now. I would however like to own a camera that is worth my time and investment. I am just starting to question whether I have enough of the capabilities with the Rebel that I will want 2 years from now. And listening to Trishann, cameras can definitely last a while, so I am thinking I would rather start with a better camera now. I guess my biggest question is.....would it be worth the extra money returning the Rebel and purchasing the 40D or 50D, or do you have another recommendation?

Hi Jodi,
the midrange D series such as the 40D 50D, etc. offer no real upgrade in image quality.  The 40D and Rebel XS/Xti have the exact same image sensor in them, both of which have been shown to have less noise than the 15 megapixel 50D.  There is no difference in camera ability- you can do everything with a rebel that you can do with the 40D/50D.  The main difference between the rebels and the 40D and 50D is that the latter are faster (more frames per second).  This is good for action shots, sports photography, etc.  Aside from the functionality differences, this is the main one.  They both have an APS-C sensor (1.6x) and would take the same photo if the resolution was the same (rebel Xti and 40D, rebel Ti1 and 50D etc.).  In two years from now if you want to upgrade, the bodies will be a LOT cheaper, so my advice is to hold on to the rebel body, and put some money into your lenses.  They make a nice 10-22mm EF-S lens for about $600 used that will add a lot of wide angle versatility to your collection, or the 70-200 F/4L is a great entry L lens with true to life colors on its native format and excellent corner-to-corner sharpness at most focal lengths and apertures.  Again, about $600 for that one, $500 used.  Remember, lenses hold their value.  Bodies don't.
On the flip side, the bodies of the midrange cameras have similar operations to the 5D and 5D Mark II, so if you decide to upgrade to a full frame later the transition would be smoother.  If you want to upgrade, go for the 40D, you can find one for about $750 on craigslist.  No real reason to justify the price difference to the 50D.  Again, lenses are where its at.

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