Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tom Dempsey

Today I went to Northgate Mall in Northern Seattle to meet with the great photographer Tom Dempsey. He has been published in many magazines, and has traveled the world to earn the title of the best photographer in Seattle. It was his work that inspired me to pick up a camera in the first place. I have been admiring his work for years, and finally decided to shoot him an e-mail to ask him if he would meet me. I wanted to pick his brain, to learn how he does what he does, to see what he sees. He was kind enough to meet me for a cup of coffee. It turned out to be more than a cup of coffee; he talked to me for over two hours. Tom was so kind, giving critique of my photos and advice on composing new ones. He introduced many new styles and ideas, teaching me better composition and giving points I had never thought of before. What did he tell me exactly? That is something I can’t tell, but it will certainly make me a better photographer. Tom is off to Nepal for another photo excursion, but he has agreed to meet with me again upon his return. Tom does offer classes with one-on-one expert advice, and has many more remarkable photos at