Monday, October 15, 2007

Jim Adkins

Life is similar to photography, in that sometimes just getting out there brings luck. My girlfriend and I decided to go to Pike Place Market, one of our favorite hangouts. We were walking to The Chowder House when I saw Jim Adkins. Jim is the lead singer of Jimmy Eat World, the multi-platinum rock band. He was eating a bowl of vegan chowder all alone, and looked like he needed someone to talk to. So we walked over to him, introduced ourselves and talked for a while. I told him how excited we were for the show that night and requested a song for them to play. He was really nice and shared some inside info about the band that I didn’t know. The concert was a sold out show at the Showbox on 1st Avenue- near the Market where we met him. They played acoustic versions of “Your House” and “Work” after the encore that were remarkable. I've seen them four times before, but this was the best by far. Did they play the song I requested? You bet, it was “For Me This is Heaven”.