Saturday, October 6, 2007

Conception Photography

I’ve been asked a lot why I chose the name “conception photography” for the name of one of my websites ( I finished the “about” page on the site and explained it a little bit, but I want to delve a little deeper.

I was with my old boss, an amazing photographer named Peter James (of Peter James Pro Marketing Works in Bellingham). He had a little blurb about his photography posted on the wall in his gallery. When I was working there, he let me have some space in his gallery, and he requested that I write a little blurb as well. I started my blurb explaining how I got into photography. It really just began as just an idea that I started chasing. The idea I had was to have a collection of photographs that people had never seen before, or if they had seen it before they have never seen it the way I presented it. I titled the blurb “conception photography” by Clane Gessel, and it stuck.